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Grape & Grain is a portfolio of individually-selected premium beverages brought to you by Tudor Rose International, a leading independent export specialist.

With category knowledge and proven international market experience spanning 30 years in the export industry, Tudor Rose International created the Grape & Grain portfolio to deliver authentic drinks experiences designed to please the more discerning palette.

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Craft Spirit Boom Shows No Sign of Slowing

Craft Spirit Boom Shows No Sign of Slowing

According to information published by HMRC, the number of distilleries in the UK has almost tripled in less than a decade.
At present, there are now 361 registered active distilleries in the UK, a colossal jump considering only 128 were registered in 2012.

The craft spirits category shows no sign of slowing down as whole, with manufacturers such as BrewDog diversifying from their usual focus on beer to cultivating their own spirits brand.

This growth in registered distilleries can almost certainly be put down to the ever-growing gin boom, which means there are now more distilleries open in England than Scotland for the first time. According to HMRC, the UK exported £532m worth of gin in 2018, a figure which is projected to grow in 2019 and beyond.

As Grape & Grain, we’re lucky enough to have partnered with award-winning spirits brands such as 6 O’clock Gin in selected key markets to help their ambitions in export and drive brand growth. After a successful initial launch in the USA, we’re supporting expansion into further regions through a targeted marketing and sampling campaign with our partners in-market.

This distillery boom hasn’t happened in isolation, however: premium mixer brands have also shown massive growth in both the UK and internationally. Grape & Grain’s mixer offering includes Distillers’ Choice, a tonic crafted by master distillers to act as the perfect complement to the spirit of your choice, as well as Hartridges tonics, which are based on a traditional recipe dating back to the nineteenth century.


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