Grape & Grain

Grape & Grain is a portfolio of individually-selected premium beverages brought to you by Tudor Rose International, a leading independent export specialist.

With category knowledge and proven international market experience spanning 30 years in the export industry, Tudor Rose International created the Grape & Grain portfolio to deliver authentic drinks experiences designed to please the more discerning palette.

Exporting authentic drinking experiences, globally

Premium drinks importer


Helping you navigate the logistical challenges of export.

What we provide



Compliance with international and regional import laws.

Our in-depth knowledge of our range ensures that products will be checked and cleared as suitable for your market.



Your products are pre-labelled in the right language.

Our dedicated product adjustment team are experts at pre-packing and re-labelling products with fully translated and compliant labels.



Bonded warehousing and storage solutions.

We have our own fully credited bonded warehouse so that we can buy, consolidate and distribute stock under bond directly from our Brand Owners to your market.



Joint marketing strategies to maximise brand potential.

With decades of marketing experience to draw on, we work collaboratively with our Brand Owners to be sure that you get all the support that you need to grow.

Hand-selected premium quality beverages

Our dedicated and highly knowledgeable team hand-select beverages for the Grape & Grain portfolio based on the skill and heritage of traditional production techniques. Honouring these age-old traditions is how we can be confident that each drink is best in its class.

Getting import right for your market

Combining our passion for premium drinks with decades of international market experience, we take a consultative approach to recommending alcohols which will appeal to your market, wherever you are in the world.

We know importing alcohol can be a minefield, which is why we harness our decades of knowledge and expertise to offer our distribution and retail customers a range of in-house services designed to navigate both importation and the ongoing sale of the brands they invest in.

We will ensure full compliance with international and regional laws, label your products to meet the market need from our fully bonded warehouse facility. We make importing the right premium beverages lean, efficient and profitable.

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