Grape & Grain

Grape & Grain is a portfolio of individually-selected premium beverages brought to you by Tudor Rose International, a leading independent export specialist.

With category knowledge and proven international market experience spanning 30 years in the export industry, Tudor Rose International created the Grape & Grain portfolio to deliver authentic drinks experiences designed to please the more discerning palette.

Exporting authentic drinking experiences, globally

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Hand-selecting spirits of origin

When it comes to selecting spirits, we believe respecting the origins of each drink is the right way to ensure the most premium drinking experience.

We represent independent brands which go above and beyond to use modern, environmentally responsible production methods, whilst upholding the time-honoured traditions of skilled craftspeople, distilling and fermenting spirits using age-old botanical mixes and secret family recipes.

Hand-selecting spirits of origin

From pink gins first crafted by the hands of British soldiers and crystal clear smooth gins with a hint of juniper, to rum which has been aged for three years in American Bourbon Oak casks; we have hand-selected the very finest selection of premium spirits which appeal to an international audience.

Our independent spirit brands

Combining harmonious botanicals led by a smooth juniper flavour, a custom-made copper still and 30 years of distiller’s craft, 6 O’Clock Gin epitomises quality. Its one-of-a-kind ‘double sphere’ condensing process gives this gin a unique smoothness and taste which is simply not possible with other equipment.

Black Cow Vodka

Black Cow is the only vodka made entirely from milk, which results in an exceptionally smooth vodka with a unique creamy character. Dairy farmer Jason Barber recognised the potential in what was left over from the milk after the cheese making had finished. Inspired by tales of Mongolian conquests in more ways than one, the journey to producing the world’s smoothest vodka began.

Want to import premium spirits?

Remember, we’re the export specialist of choice for distributors looking for hand-selected premium spirits from around the world. We make importing quality alcoholic drinks stress-free, with a wealth of in-house services designed to navigate the logistical pitfalls of international importation.

Want to find out more?

Call our passionate team of export specialists today on +44 (0)1453 732880.

We also offer a range of premium mixing tonics and juices to complement your spirit selection. View our mixers range here.

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