Grape & Grain

Grape & Grain is a portfolio of individually-selected premium beverages brought to you by Tudor Rose International, a leading independent export specialist.

With category knowledge and proven international market experience spanning 30 years in the export industry, Tudor Rose International created the Grape & Grain portfolio to deliver authentic drinks experiences designed to please the more discerning palette.

Exporting authentic drinking experiences, globally

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Premium wines, exclusive to your market

Selecting premium wines for discerning tastes requires a refined palette and a knowledge of the international grape growing and wine production market.

From the time-honoured traditional methods used by vineyards in winemaking hotbeds like France and Italy, to seeking out independent off-the-beaten-track family run wineries, who are innovating new tastes and niche wine concepts. We search only the most premium wine producers worldwide to find a wine that is exclusive to your market.

Hanging Houses of Cuenca is a perfect example of the independent wine brands we recommend. Nestled in a Spanish World Heritage Site, this winery produces a premium organic red wine with chocolate notes and a mellow, polished finish.

Let us take the leg work out of finding the right wine

Unlike the other drinks in our hand-selected portfolio, Grape & Grain doesn’t represent particular wine brands, instead we offer a consultative approach to wine sourcing and selection, based on the preferred tastes of your market and the needs of your customers.

From premium champagne, Muscat or sweet dessert wines, to rich Merlots, fruity Burgundys or dry crisp and refreshing Rosés, we will use our extensive network of global vineyard relationships to source a wine which delivers a superior drinking experience, sure to surpass the expectations of your market.

Exporting authentic drinking experiences, globally.

Want to import premium wines?

Grape & Grain is the export specialist of choice for distributors looking for hand-selected premium wines. We make importing quality alcoholic drinks stress-free, with a wealth of in-house services designed to navigate the logistical pitfalls of international importation.

Want to find out more?

Call our passionate team of export specialists today on   +44 (0)1453 732880.

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